Maya & Domenico English Edition

maya-and-domenico-the-story-of-an-amazing-friendship-204045 Maya & Domenico
The story of an amazing friendship
English edition Vol. 1
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This is the first volume of the highly successful German book series Maya and Domenico by Susanne Wittpennig in English.
Fourteen year old Maya has trouble getting along in her class. Her three big rivals Delia, Manuela and Isabelle make use every possibility to pick on her. Additionally, there is a boy named André who hungers for power and constantly causes trouble. To make matters worse Mayas strict father is putting quite a bit of pressure on his daughter.
Everything changes when a new kid named Domenic arrives in her class. He is cool, quite the show-off and extremely good looking. As a matter a fact, Maya gets a little weak at the knees every time Domenico is around. As if she needed any extra troubles! Nevertheless, Maya gets to know this mysterious boy from Sicily much better than she would have thought…